Dubai Tourism: Go Big



Most Americans have heard of Dubai. Yet when it comes to traveling there, its flashy nature makes it seem unattainable. Yet, that's not the truth at all.

Dubai realized they had a tourism problem, and gave us the opportunity to pitch the business with the key objective being to get more American travelers to consider, and ultimately travel to, Dubai.

Our strategy: to disrupt Americans with something BIG to get their attention and help them understand why Dubai is a remarkable travel destination.

The concept: Go Big. Experience the worlds _______ -est. (Concept statement featured above.)

We created a fully integrated campaign that would reach Americans in a BIG way, from takeover events and Google Cardboard experiences that would literally transport Americans to Dubai, to an online video series that would highlight all the ways travelers could Go Big. We even pitched putting a Go Big sign -- complete with 300-foot letters -- in the desert that would pop up on Google Maps. 

Dubai is an amazing place and this was an amazing pitch. Up next: taking a trip there for myself.

Role: Conceptor, Associate Creative Director